Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I've known him less than a month. So this could be something amazing, or really bad.. And I am taking the chance. I believe I may have found something perfect for me.

Working at Papa John's is never boring. Especially when this cute guy walks in..
About a month or so ago....... I just found out by my manager (and one of my best friends, Alana) that we would be getting Pepsi products at the beginning of the year. I was not happy. There was a cute guy at the counter, a regular customer that I had never talked to, I proceeded to ask him if he liked Pepsi or Coke products better. He said he liked Pepsi better. BOO. At least he was super cute:)
The next time he came in we smiled at each other and kinda giggled but didn't say anything.
He came in a couple times after that.
About two weeks ago "Pepsi Guy" walked in and I was told by coworkers that he was leaning over the counter to look at me.
Now for the totally creepy part....
I knew his last name was Luckett because he orders pizza and we have to take their last name... I also discovered his first name was Tyler because on a previous visit he had been wearing his name-tag. So, I made a bold move and looked him up on Facebook. (Stalker? lol)
Actually, my manager/best friend Alana did first, then later on that night I looked him up. I sent him a message, but I did not add him. The message said "I know this is totally But I'm really impatient and didn't want to wait for you to come get a pizza again before I get to tell you we are getting Pepsi in January.. (:" I sent that message Monday night. I was at Taco Bell with some friends on Wednesday night when I got a notification from Facebook on my phone. "Tyler Luckett wants to be your friend." Oh my goodness I was SO excited! I left Taco Bell that instant just so I could go home and hopefully talk to him on Facebook. (Lame-o? lol) That night I was lucky enough to get his number. I couldn't believe it. This guy that ordered pizza that I had a major crush on without knowing anything about him actually was interested back......
This is all very very creepy, I know..But
Tyler and me went on our first date Thursday night and our second Friday and our third the point? :) ♥
it is a love story, without a doubt.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Livin' on a Prayer...

I feel like prayer is the only thing that keeps me holding on to the hope I have for the next upcoming year.
My first year in college...and then the 3-5 years after that.... that is  A LOT of money. But right now, I'm just worried about my freshman year of college... I have no idea how I will pay for it, but I'm not letting it bring me down.. I have to let everything fall into God's hands.
I've said in recent post I've been applying to colleges..well, I have been accepted, thus far, to Bellarmine University, St. Catherine, University of Louisville and Lindsey Wilson. None of which are my number one choice, my number one college choice is UK. I just sent the final pieces to my application in earlier this morning. So, hopefully I will be hearing back from them in a month or two!
Bellarmine is my second choice, but they don't offer what I want..Linguistics. So I would probably go for physcology. The only thing wrong with Bellarmine is the price... outrageous!
Lindsey Wilson is my 3rd choice... I took a visit to Lindsey Wilson expecting to only miss a day of school. I left thinking I was going to be there next fall. I love the small campus and classrooms, it is my favorite part. But it is too far away from home for me, the price is almost outrageous and the also don't offer my major.
I'm going to visit UK for the second time on Friday and my mom is accompanying me this time. I hope she likes it as much as I do!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bardstown is "Da Bomb.."

The day was stammering along like any normal high school day... until 12 o' clock. My fourth period class is Premiere Advanced Chorus- the Chorus Room is in the middle school.... (If you know anything about Bardstown School System's campus, you know that the Elementary, Middle and High school are all very close.) So, as we are proceeding along with class the high school principal walks in and tells the class to "stay put" after the bell and they will release later on. We automatically new something fishy was going on... and not good fish either.. Not too long after that we discovered the whole high school had evacuated into the middle school gym! Something was definitely going on..
News travels fast in a small town....... Even though we were "locked" in the chorus room, the smart students we are(technology helped too;) soon discovered there had been a bomb threat!
First, I would like to state....... the middle and elementary school are literally 20 feet away from the high school..... I don't think the students were moved far enough if there had been a bomb...but hey... What do I know?
*big sigh*

So, while our class of approximately 30 students were confined to our chorus room...after lunch hours I might add.... we were becoming quite cranky and bored. So....some intelligent senior girl (:)) requested the idea that the teacher pull down the projector and allow the class to play "Just Dance" on Youtube. I must say, it was a good idea! It was fun and kept us entertained whether we were watching people dancing or dancing ourselves!
Yes, our teacher is amazing and joined us in a couple dances!

After all was said and done, there was no bomb found..We are lucky nothing too awful happened and that we were able to make the bad situation and make it into something enjoyable!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Own Kind of Paradise

Have you noticed that math and science majors have a perfect job match? For example, if you major in Dentistry, you will probably be a Dentist. If you major in Architecture, you will probably be an Architect. I think this is why I have always be pulled toward majoring in Dental Hygiene... Then I could be a Dental Hygienist. Silly me, I'm not even exceptionally good at math, or science! I have always been an English junkie... (well...more than math or science..) When I received my ACT scores, my mom and I talked about how I should search for a different major...perhaps in an English field. I did for a while, but I always went back to Dental Hygiene- I have a thing for teeth and smiling!
Recently, I was accepted into Bellarmine University! I was looking through the majors they offered and found out they do not offer Dental Hygiene .University of Kentucky, my number one pick, also does not offer Dental Hygiene as a major. In fact, University of Louisville is the only school I found that does!
I was feeling very discouraged, because Louisville would be fantastic! But, right now, my heart is set in Lexington! I am really looking into UK. So I decided to look for a different major, or a major similar to Dental Hygiene. While looking through the list of majors UK offers, I came across Linguistics. ...Honestly, I didn't even know what it meant. So I looked it up..on Google, of course! While I am reading, I come to realize, this major is perfect for me. It is exactly what I am interested in, and what I am good at- compared to math or science;)
The only problem I had now was finding a career to follow up on a linguistics major. At first, this was a struggle, but when I read about a Speech Therapist, I was in awe. I don't know why I never thought of the idea before! I like to think that it could possibly be a calling..
After a day of researching linguistics, anthropology, and speech therapy.. I think I may have finally found my cup of tea!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


On December 9, 2009 I was fortunate enough to get braces on for my 16th birthday!
On September 29, 2011 the braces that formed my new smile were removed.
For the first year and a half I had my braces, I was nothing but excited to finally get them off. But the last month before I got my braces taken off, I was so nervous. I actually started having nightmares about my teeth going back to before I had my braces..Yeah, I know, lame, right? The night before I got my braces off, my friends assured me that everything would be fine and I should be excited. But I was not excited. Not until the very minute I walked into my orthodontist office was I excited.The receptionists asked me if I was ready and by the ladies saying, "Look, she already can't stop smiling..." "She's always smilin'.." I assume I looked excited, regardless of my fear. (By smiling all the time, I can easily cover any negative emotion;)
After the receptionist giggled and talked, I did become a little excited, and soon enough I was called back to get my braces off!
I walked out of the orthodontist with a straight smile I NEVER imagined I would have. I am beyond thankful for the smile my grandparents paid for. Call me coincided if you must, but my smile is the one thing I am most proud of, and I am no longer at all ashamed to wear my smile all of the time!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Date Night.... with MY BEST FRIEND

So, this has not been my week AT ALL. I have spent over $100 on a "cheap" pre-paid phone, I still have not been paid back any of my money, and I miss my friends..
But tonight, my best friend Kelsey and I went out to dinner at Chili's.. I was SO excited to finally eat corn on the cob since my braces have came off..The first time in 2 years! It was delicious. During our dinner conversation I mentioned "The World's Best Lollipops." If you have not tried one of these things, YOU HAVE TO. I am snacking on one right now as I blog. We decided to make the trip across the street to Wal-Mart to buy 10 suckers! I swear, we looked like we were 5 picking out our favorite flavors.
After checking out, we were making our way back to the car when Kelsey noticed that inside of a claw machine there were Angry Birds. (Angry Birds is my new obsession, and she knew I would want one) Kelsey is a claw machine master, so I proceeded to ask her to win me an Angry Bird for a special friend of mine!
(Which is a little awkward, but that is a whole different blog post;)
My special friend is the one who introduced me to Angry Birds and I thought it would be a sweet gift. She scrapped up a dollar in quarters and I had 50cents. After she failed the three attempts she had, I reached into my pocket to find 50more cents! I was ecstatic! But not quite as ecstatic as when the claw picked up the bird!!!! dropped it...
I was determined to get this BIRD! So I pulled out another dollar..... still, no bird.
We probably looked like two crazy angry birds jumping and screaming at that machine!
I knew a friend was cashier-ing at the time so I ran to him to ask for a dollar....he gave us two!
So we knew, these were the last couple chances...
Soon, we were down to our last 50cents..... we noticed another angry bird very close to the winning she made the spur decision to go for that bird on the last try. GUESS WHAT!!!


I think ya know I like ya a lot...

The past few weeks have really made me start thinking..
So, I use to have the best stuffed animal EVER, he was a trooper...he stayed around for almost two years! I was so in love with it and when I lost the stuffed animal, I was devastated.. I can honestly say that I have never felt so low.. I gave everything I had to this stuffed animal..
But now, after 5 months of contemplating nights, long talks with my girls, and making myself realize I can do better (and that I definitely deserve better) I am over that stuffed animal. The relationship between that stuffed animal and I taught me a lot and I'm glad it happened so I can do things more "right" the next time around.
So I've talked to many stuffed animals in the past 5 months and of course I have not opened up quickly, I am not ready at all, but apparently I am the problem because every single one of the stuffed animals have gave me the boot! Which I have not had a big problem with because that means none of them were the right stuffed animal anyways.. But it has shot down my moral..
That is why, today, and yesterday, and the day before...okay, the past couple of weeks, I have watched myself very closely with this new teddy bear I have found.. (Did you notice I've changed from stuffed animal to teddy bear? That is because there is something very different about him..)
All I know is that he is such an amazing different that I am scared to mess something up..
So I need help... I don't want to make myself completely vulnerable to this teddy bear, but I'm scared the guard I have up may push him away.. Even though the teddy bear understands the situation.
I even feel quite silly blogging about my new teddy bear..but I think that may mean he is special.. When we first started talking I had no idea he would become so important to me, even just as a friend teddy bear..
I wish everything could stay the way it is right now between us..

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For The Halloween Season

There was an average working girl working late one night at Papa John's. She was cleaning, a nightly routine to stock the cart with sauces and peppers. After placing the items on the cart, the average working girl wandered to the back of the store to break down some boxes. When returning to the front of the store the average working girl noticed that the container of cinnamon was taken off of the cart and placed on the counter. Curious, she checked if "Cinnie-Sticks" were ordered, and as she assumed there was not an order. The average working girl brushed the happening off, nervously concluding that she had forgotten to put the cinnamon on the cart.
A few days later, the average working girl was cheesing pizzas. She was running a little low on cheese so she proceeded to the "walk-in" to gather a new box of cheese. After the average working girl put the new cheese in the make-line container she tossed the box to the back of the store. The average working girl was not prepared for what was about to happen next. Before she knew it, the empty box was launched back at her!! After quickly placing the next pizza in the oven, the average working girl briskly walked to the back of the store, expecting to see a co-worker walking away from the scene. But, no one was around. The average working girl proceeded to ask co-workers if they thought they were funny....none seemed to know what the average working girl was referring too.

Moral of the story.... Papa John's is haunted.

hahahah! I'm just kidding, a fellow driver admitted about half an hour later to playing the funny trick on me. He came up to me, the average working girl, and asked, "What do you think about that box flying back atcha?"
Good one! It was a nice little prank....
Although I still do not have an explanation for the cinnamon.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

let's give them something to talk about...

There is no doubt about it that I love love love to blog. But for the last month or two, I feel as if there is NOTHING to blog about. I suppose that makes my life boring and I can stop right now..

hahah...Yeah right. I could just ramble on about silly stuff that has happened..but I don't even think any of that stuff is interesting enough to blog about.. My oh my, I am boring..
hmm..There must be SOMETHING...
think think think..
Ah ha!
Well, I've come close with someone{:)} and he has introduced me to Angry Birds. I know I am quite a few months behind, but the game is indeed very addicting. My iPod told me that I have been playing for five hours and I was in shock.

That wasn't very interesting either...ha..
Oh well, I am very content right now....even if my life may seem a bit boring.. (:

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Well, this is our last week in the house that has finally made me feel happy. I am going to miss this place so much. I will miss the view from my bathroom, having two bathrooms and not having to share with my parents, a room that I can move in that has not one, but TWO windows, a walk-in closet, and my best-friend right down the road. We are living this house for a 2 bedroom townhouse that all 5 of us have to share (my brother doesn't get a room) along with 2 cats, 2 dogs and 7 puppies.
I should be happy that I have a roof over my head, but I don't want to live under that roof! After we moved out of that neighborhood the first time houses began to get broken into left and right. Our own house was broke into shortly after we moved out! And we are suppose to call this place our home.....?


When I had a call-back for an interview for my first job I was ecstatic. I could finally start saving for a car. Unfortunately, I chose volleyball over working at Burger King and it turned around to bite me in the butt because the coach kicked me off anyways.
Papa John's was my second chance to save my money to buy my own car! And by now, I should probably have my own car that I bought with my own money, that I myself have worked for! That is if I didn't lend my dad money...that I will probably never see again...and not to mention the money that mysteriously disappeared.
I need a car desperately and doubt that I will have enough money to get one anytime soon.
How can a minor stop her own father from her money that she has worked for!?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Murray State....maybe?

I will never understand myself.. I am a very confusing individual.
I have always told myself I do not want to go far away for college... Even though I never want to be home because of the usual constant fighting, I want to be close to my family. This does not make sense to me... Why wouldn't you want to move far away from a place you never want to be?
Recently, I have come close with an old friend that wants to go to Murray State. Murray State is approximately four hours from Bardstown. That for me is TOO far!
Our senior class took a "field trip" to a college fair this past Thursday. My top college is Louisville, but I went to many other college representatives as well. One of these colleges was Murray State....and what did Whitney find out..... Murray State is almost as perfect as Louisville is except $5,000 cheaper! The only flaw is that, like I said, the distance.
My mom thinks it would be a good idea to "try out" living on my own for a year....I just don't know. I'm starting to consider the idea, and the other options I have. I'll be happy when college searching is OVER!

breaking bad habits

I have a very mean habit....... When plans don't fall through or last minute plans come up...My heart starts to beat really fast and I become very flustered!!
What is even worse is when a last minute plan comes up and THEN it doesn't fall through. I really doubt this is just me, but sometimes things pop up to cause plans and people to become unavailable.... I have to understand this better.
But goodness this just grinds my gears!!!!!

I would like to use this time to vent.....just a little :)

So, as you should know... I recently started my job at Papa John's. I had SO much trouble keeping my bank account because of the sneaky fingers of my dad!! BUT OH WELL, nothing I can do about it. I decided to close my account and start keeping my money in a safe...... HA...Silly me thinking he couldn't get in.
I feel like there is NOTHING I can do! He owes me about $500 that I doubt I will get back anytime soon. If I had all the money I am suppose to have I would have plenty enough to put a down payment on a car....It's very depressing working for money that I have barely seen!!
I just want my money back....all of it.
Also....About a month ago I was involved in a deal..."If you do not have a car in three weeks I will go to church with you every Sunday for a year.." This is MAJOR! My dad is NOT a "church" person, without explaining too much. I obviously thought..."Heck yeah, win win situation for me!" ..... I will be VERY lucky getting him to church tomorrow morning......

On top of money and "unintentional lying" stress..... I have SO much to do to get ready for college...It is ridiculous and as of today I feel overwhelmed. I have so much to do!
ONE MORE THING.... Last Wednesday was my last orthodontist appointment before my brace were scheduled to come off..and what happened.... My front tooth moved out of place...BOOOOO! But I did find a solution to this dilemma... I called Dr. Woods (my orthodontist) and I have a check up Monday!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ender's Game

Reading for Fun, like a hobby VS Reading for School
It may just be the stubborn side of me, but if a teacher assigns me a book to read, I will not usually enjoy it. I would much rather read a book I, myself, have chosen. Am I the only one?
This year in my English Class we have been assigned the book Ender's Game. WHAT A GREAT BOOK! I am so glad I am naturally a good student and force myself to read what I don't want, because I have found great love for this book.
Have you ever read a book and the whole time you are reading, you have a movie playing in your mind? Or do I just sound like a huge nerd....
I will most likely re-re-read(funny, right?) this book many times. It is great and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves reading(: .....even if you don't love reading!!

Now a funny story too go along....
I was reading Ender's Game one night and my sister ask, "Whitney, are YOU reading Star Wars?!"
It was TOO funny!

The Start of Something New...

Well Senior year has officially started. I thought I would be more excited to be a year closer to moving out...but I'm not. Most of my friends want to go to college in Lexington, or Springfield.... The opposite direction of where I want to go.. Louisville.. I guess I will make more friends though, because Dentistry is still my number one major goal!

My parents are separating.. It's about time honestly.. My momma left for a couple days and life has been much more peaceful without the constant fighting and bickering. I am not happy that they are going to get a divorce, but I am not sad either. I think it is the best decision. The constant fighting around my brother, sister and me is not healthy!

As for boys, (since ya know.... I am a single bachorlorette... ;) I have considered going gay...
HAHA I'm just kidding! But guys are so far down on my "Care List" and it feels great! Except when I hate to find a date for Winter Formal.... AHH!

Monday, July 11, 2011

I know this crush ain't goin' away-ay-ay....

Did the title trick you? :) WHO KNEW, I'm in love again!!
JUST KIDDING, but I do love David Archuleta :)
I don't believe it is necessary to tell anyone I have forgotten what it feels like to have a crush.. It's such a great feeling!
Now, I have a very inspirational story..WELL... It isn't inspirational, but it is pretty sweet!
It all started the summer after my fifth grade year. I was lucky enough (after pleading for months and months) to spend the week at Conservation Camp. While there that week I met a little punk named Austin.. He told me the chlorine water would really bother my eyes. Needless to say we hit it off (for "middle-schoolers";) and for the rest of that week Austin was my boyfriend. The months after camp I don't recall keeping in touch at all. Well years later Kelsey, my best friend, met a guy from Lebanon named Josh...small world ya know cause Josh and Austin were best friends! Josh and Kelsey were boyfriend and girlfriend in middle school...too cute, right? :) (I miss those days quite often) After they broke up and a few more years later Kelsey and Austin could practically announce their engagement! and Josh and Whitney are now out of the picture!!! :p

just kidding again :) He's such a great guy! ♥
So just in case you are is how the story goes..
Whitney + Austin
Kelsey + Josh
Austin + Kelsey
Josh + Whitney.....well this one is not settled.... but hey, who knows what the future has in store...for anyone really... :)
All I know is the tables have TURNED!

This ONE goes out to the ONES I love ♥

Gosh, this last month has been so terrible and amazing! I don't know what I am going to do with myself!! I have re-opened my eyes to what is truly important in my life! (Not saying Stephen wasn't, nor isn't important...but if you don't care about me's hard to believe you did at all...but I don't want to talk about him) :)
My dad and I went to the bank and made me an account. That was an adventure in itself. The "banker lady" called us a young couple and I, in the middle of the quiet bank, could not retain myself from bursting into laughter! I quickly corrected her, I told her... "This is my DADDY!" I love my daddy!
I am growing closer to my best friend since forever, and I love the feeling! We have truly grown up together and we are truly like sisters... She gets on my nerves and I still want to stay the night with her!!
Friends are going to be there for you, and I reunited with two great friends this past week and I am sooo happy I did, I feel like this is going to be the re-start to a great friendship..
I love being able to hang out with who I want without having to worry about someone getting upset. I love all of my friends!
This is the big one.....God, My Savior. I am so sorry I gave you the cold shoulder when I needed you the most. I knew so much better then to turn away from you when in reality you were the only one who could regenerate me from a hard time.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Well, today is the day I will apply to my first college. I am applying at St. Catherine. Who knew it would start so quick!? I haven't even begun my senior year of High School yet. I'm beginning to feel anxious, but I am very excited.
I have a couple of colleges in mind, but all for different majors.
St. Catherine in Nursing
University of Louisville in Dentistry
University of Kentucky for Nursing or Physical Therapy
Bellarmine University for Dentistry or Nursing
I'm glad I have many options close to home, I'm not really interested in moving to far from Bardstown.
All of the schools besides UK have contacted me, so I suppose that is a sign that it is time to start preparing for college!!
Maybe once I get my license, since I will soon be a legal adult, I will feel it to be more reasonable to start preparing for college.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Frog Catching! ;)

Most refer to this "sport" as "Frog Giggin'"
I never really concidered myself a "city" or "country" girl. I like to think of myself as in the middle! Well I made a new friend at work this past week. We really clicked. So he invited me to go Frog Giggin with him one night. I was hesitant to accept the invitation, but in the end, I decided I would go. We left after we both were let off work. He lives in New Haven and his lakes we were going to were up a back road. First we had to unlock a gate, then another gate...and then ANOTHER gate! I finally had to ask, "Where are you taking me?!" He giggled and said, "Somewhere where they won't hear you scream..." Jokingly of course!
We all piled onto his boat and we started our adventure.
They finally caught a glimpse at the first frog! I had no idea what to expect, but as soon as I can blink his cousin stabs the frog!! I uncontrollably scream and then start to laugh. They all laughed at/with me :)
The second and third frog we "gigged" I did not scream. My friend threw his "spear" at one frog, but he missed. He was just trying to be funny, I hope :)
After we made our way around the lake 3 times it was time to skin the frogs.... I'm not sure how to explain this action, but I did not take it very well.. It was quite devastating. The poor frogs were still alive while the guys were cutting their legs off!
I wish I had pictures, but overall I had a very good night, and I think it is safe to say.. I have a little more city in me than country :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer So Far

Well, so far this summer has been terrible! I got dumped, I found out that a loved ones cancer may be coming back and I have rarely seen my friends! I want to have a huge party with just my friends! But who has to work, THIS GIRL! Which I don't completely mind. I have nice friends at work and some are really cute :) I have forgotten what it feels like to have a crush on someone! I like it. But, I do not want a relationship! I'm just going to focus on saving up my money to get me a car for next year and college. I would really appreciate if something very exciting happened to make my summer just a tad more exciting. I have faith that it will get better!
I did cut my younger sisters hair at 1 am :) --->
My parents weren't very happy, but she looks cute!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Colors of the Wind

Anyone who knows me should know I love to sing, but that I am terrified of singing alone in front of people. "Premiere Chorus" is going to be offered next year and it is a step above Advanced Chorus. I have been in Advanced Chorus for 3 years now, and I am excited to say I auditioned for "Premiere Chorus"! BUT, it was not at all easy for me.
I wanted to quickly pick out a song because I wanted to start practicing right away! I chose Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas. I practiced and practiced, but I knew when the time came I would be lucky for any words to come out of my mouth! My best friend came over and sang her song in front of me- she sounded GREAT and was also nervous- but I avoided singing in front of her. She is my best friend! If I could sing in front of anyone it would, or SHOULD be her!
Well I don't know how I did it but I did! I did admit to our teacher I was nervous... but I guess I knew if I wanted a chance to be in what could be my favorite class next year, I had to give it a go.
Hopefully I did well enough to make the class!!

Make you stay wide awake... This is how a heart breaks

Well.. two years just fell out of the window and down the drain!
Five days ago, my boyfriend of almost two years broke up with me. What a great start to summer, right? I believe everything happens for a reason, but this is a tough one!
My sister Courtney has been a big help with this break-up (she just got dumped too) I'm very grateful to have a sister that is there for me.
Friends have also been there. I even got to talk to a good friend for half the night a couple nights ago... that really helped a lot.
But it's going to take a little more for me to even consider getting over him...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Orleans and Carnival Elation

This past Spring Break changed my life. (I always seem to have very exciting Spring Break's- 2010 Spring Break I went on a mission trip to Georgia!)
When I was at my sophomore regions tennis match my mamaw called and asked how I would like to go on a cruise with them (they are "cruise people" for sure-one about every year) I did not hesitate to say I would love to! As time got closer I was anticipating spending a week away from friends and my parents on land, and with only my grandparents and other elder family. Boy was I scared for nothing!! That week in New Orleans and Carnival Elation is tied (with my week in Georgia) for the best week of my life! I had to write a paper of my experience of the cruise for school...Here it is :)
Spring Break 2011

As we departed at 1 o' clock Saturday morning, I had no expectation of experiencing one of the best weeks of my life. All I was prepared for was to swim a little and spend all of my time with elders. Though I was excited for the trip to Mexico, I was hesitant because I would have no communication with friends and family on land. It would be my first week, in many many years, I would be apart from my parents. With all the emotions of nervousness and agony, I knew I could look forward to, at least experiencing new culture, a new country and the Gulf of Mexico.
Our first stop was New Orleans, Louisiana. After Hurricane Katrina, all I had heard was of the damage New Orleans encountered. While I actually learned, Mississippi was hit by Katrina just as hard, and in some places harder the New Orleans had. The hotel we stayed at during our weekend was on the main road of New Orleans. The owners said they only had an inch or so of water damage. We assume that the reason New Orleans gained more experience then Mississippi was only because poverty was more of a problem, and therefore effected the people of New Orleans more.
Not only did I learn more about Hurricane Katrina, I experienced a whole new world. New Orleans is absolutely nothing like small Bardstown. You have to be on look out for crimes as you walk down the street. We encountered a gun shooting one night- I am unaware of any details. The people in New Orleans are just something else... all I really have to say is WOW. I have never walked down a street before named Bourbon, and I have most definitely not seen a man walking around in a wedding dress!
Little did I know, my adventure in New Orleans was not even the start of all I would go through when riding on Carnival Elation.

When I took my first step aboard Carnival Elation, I felt like I had entered a care-free castle. The kids running and playing, along with the glass elevator. I had literally never seen anything like that ship before. It was absolutely beautiful, and looking back as I type this paper, I may cry because of how much I learned on my vacation.
I learned how to snorkel. I formed a connection between the ocean and me that I would feel blessed to be able to share even if only one more time in my life. I mentioned before how care-free the ship was, well, the ocean had the ship beat by a mile. Swimming with the fish (and even an octopus) was the most fun and relaxing thing I have experienced in my life.
But, the most important thing I learned that week, was how much I am truly blessed with having grandparents AND great-grandparents, who are still able to love me. I formed a special bond with my family that week, and now we are closer then we have ever been. I am blessed with being able to spend that time with my elder family, because others have not been blessed with that time, or with their grandparents.
We docked at Cozumel, Mexico our third day. My grandparents, great-grandparents and me were all able to spend time in a foreign country together. We were able to shop and melt in the blazing sun as a family. My family was very impressed when I spoke the Spanish that I could.
The next day, Carnival docked at Calica, Mexico. While most passengers drove to Playa de Carmen and Cancun, my family and I stayed on board. We had practically the whole ship to ourselves! We took advantage of the water slide and the buffet. We had a relaxing day out in the sun, enjoying each others company.
It was a sad day when we had to leave, though I was ready to see and speak with my others. I will never forget the week I spent on board with mi familia!
I understand it's kind of cheesy, and the only reason I had to write it was because I was truant and needed the week excused. I'm not sure I will ever be able to put in to words how much that week on board meant to me!!

 We were docked in Cozumel, Mexico :)

This is on our way to New Orleans :)

A photo from the ship of Cozumel :)

 My first sighting of the ship :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Show Choir- Engagement

I think I have named this blog unfairly for two reasons. It gives away the surprise, and it is NOT my engagement! I have to finish high school first!

For our 1st period Advanced Chorus class, our final was a rather interesting concert. Each voice part (soprano, alto, and bass with tenors) chose a song and made up a unique choreographed dance to the chosen song. Boy was this a LONG, frustrating process. From having to put up with freshman "know-it-all's" to singing the high to low ratios in the soprano's song, Fireworks by Katy Perry. I love the song and it is very inspirational, but I no longer want to sing and dance to the song anymore! It was not one of my favorite performance moments. Regardless, the concert overall was successful. (I give the best performance award to freshman Jalen Stone who danced to Michael Jackson, he was outstanding!!)

The time came when each grade 6th-8th, and each high school class finished preforming their dance and/or song. After everything was said and done our chorus teacher then thanked everyone for their support and for coming. He then made a special shout out to his girlfriend for all of her support and care. He asked his girlfriend to come down to the front of the auditorium and then...well I'm thinking you can guess what happened. Right there in front of "millions" of people, our chorus teacher proposed! He always "flirts" with his student's family members-jokingly of course. So it is really great to see him be engaged to someone who seems to mean a lot to him! I wish them the best of luck!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Field Day 2011- Class of 2012!

In the simplest words; Juniors DOMINATE :)
Well, I don't REALLY know if that is true, but I do know that we won in many events. Including volleyball ♥
I guess the only upside of not playing volleyball for the school team is that I was allowed to play at field day. We beat the sophomores and the seniors and the teachers. Even though I touched the ball virtually 10 times, I still had fun. I really miss volleyball a lot. Thankfully I now have a job that keeps my mind off of what I am missing out on.
Which brings me to say, Papa John's is going GREAT! The workers are so laid back and I enjoy making pizza's :) I believe I'm going to like my job even more once I receive my first pay check!! And luckily, I will have money right on time for my wonderful boyfriend's 17th birthday! (I know, he's still a baby ;) I can finally get my boyfriend something for his birthday!!
But, back to field day-- Kelsey and Sarah, two of my very best friends won the water balloon toss! Go girls! Our boys won the 4x1, our volleyball team dominated thanks to Clayton's beast serves, our girl field goal kicker won, our tug-o-war team won, I think, and girls won three-legged race! So all of that equals utter domination!! GO CLASS OF 2012!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Papa John's Pizza!

Pizza is amazing, so hopefully I do not get tired of it as quickly as Burger King!! You can make pizza so many different ways though! It won't have to taste the same way all of the time :)
My first day started off boring, watching videos about the History of Papa John's and "How to Answer the Phone" ..It really is simple, but it is so much like Drive-Thru and that just isn't my thing!! The first phone call I answered was a complete disaster! But as the night past I do think I got better :)
Then, I learned how to make the pizzas! Which is my second favorite thing to do. It's an assembly line and very organized which I like. I really don't like how my hands feel so dirty after wards though.
My favorite part is the simplest task. Getting the pizzas out of the oven, boxing them, cutting them and putting in the extras! I don't know why, but it's just an easy routine that I enjoy doing over and over again!
The people are really laid back, so that is GREAT! I've only worked one day, but I work the next 3 days in a row! Friday AND Saturday included. I'm a bit nervous, but I think it will all work out fine. I am soooo grateful that I FINALLY have a job; and I like it :)

BUT, my allergies are kicking my butt- I wish they would lay off so I can focus on finishing my junior year!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Louisiana Masqurade 2011

Our gym has been under construction for some weeks now. Luckily, it was thrown together (very nicely I might add) before prom! The art classes, and teachers did such an amazing job on the decorations. It was very pretty! I couldn't get a good picture of them though- my camera died as we walked in the door! However, I was able to scram a few more with my friends!
I didn't feel like I was really going to prom or that "it was really happening," until I pulled up to my grandparents house and my grandparents, GREAT-grandparents and more family were there. It meant so much for my family to be able to see my first prom! Especially family that I like to see as much as I can, because I know my time with them is precious!
Everything really came together when my good-looking, very handsome date pulled up! Goodness gracious he was just the cutest thing ever! (Besides the baby I was not allowed to hold that my great-grandma was holding, that was also very adorable! But that is beside the point and irrelevant.) Stephen was perfect!
After plenty of camera flashes and dinner at Xavier's, it was time to dance dance and dance some more!! I love dancing, even if I have to dance numerous times by myself because my boyfriend had to wash the glitter off of his face!
All of the stress leading up to prom is well worth it, and dancing with my friends makes everything better. (I've been told music and dancing makes me a little "weird"- I prefer "crazy"! :D)

Although, at this very minute I am very sleepy, I still had a great night and I was very satisfied with Prom 2011!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Great Announcement! and Prom Preparations

Guess who has a job! This lil' lady right here! :D
While my search for a job seems like it has dragged on and on, I discovered something very important in life...
I have a crazy story, and I love to tell it-- The past 5 months, I have been so worried about getting into work and school (ACT Testing, Finals, and even Prom!..) that my connection with God had been withering! The saddest factor is, I was unaware of this departure. I still went to church and don't get me wrong, I wasn't all the way out of it, but I'm pretty sure I was "going through the motions."
I started to read the book Radical by David Platt, and it was then.. that easy, from just the first page.. that I noticed how much this book was opening my eyes..again. More then ever, right now I want my relationship with God to be as strong as can be! And He wants me too, He is jealous for me! So, Wednesday night at SWAT I realized I haven't even asked God to help me with my search for a job! I had been ignoring all of the help that He could have given me. So, that Wednesday night, I prayed- I prayed for help with a job, but also that my connection with him will become stronger then it ever has and that I never again forget who has the most power and that I can always ask for me. I had an interview at Papa John's the next day.
Call me crazy, but WOW! Is our God amazing, or what?!

Prom is tonight, the stress is going to become overwhelming since my mom and I have had a rough week. I have no nails, make-up and quite frankly, my eyebrows are out of control! tehe:) But I trust everything will get done, and since there is no doubt that my momma loves me, she will help me through all of it:)

Monday, May 16, 2011


I love being able to enjoy a good time with my friends, even if I am in the Bardstown High building!
Today, during 6th and 7th period some of our faculty members interacted in a SUMO Wrestling fight. Our volleyball coach went up against our principal, our boys' basketball coach against a History Teacher (who is also the boyfriend of the Volleyball Coach) and two teachers- I am not sure what either of them teach. It was absolutely hilarious! I video-taped all three of the fights and I'm sure glad I did! Everyone deserves to have a good laugh, and I'm pretty sure when I watch the videos this summer, I will still cry from laughing so hard.
And to add to the excitement - NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!
I will hopefully spend the day preparing for prom, if all works out between my parents and my date:) Prom is Saturday! This week should be full of anticipation!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Humor of Some!!

Okay Okay, I understand, it's hilarious, right? Honestly, I find that this could be very offensive. But, I actually DO think this is quite funny. I just find it a little disrespectful to your own family. But HEY, if they work that way, "more power to 'em!" :)
Stephen and I had just left church and are driving our own way, when suddenly Stephen's eyes get wide and he points. I notice immmediately what he had noticed. I'm glad to see "humor" is still in blood while all of the negative is neighboring!


"beenthere said...
Hi, Just stumbled across your blog today. You write very well, is that an option that you maybe haven't explored?"
I am most fortunate that I posted this as my facebook status after noticing the comment left on my first blog I created that was destroyed by who-knows-what a day later, or else, the comment would be gone forever. But since my new "old" blog was erased, so was the comment. This certain blog post was about my need to find what I am "good at." I listed the sports I played and singing, and after listing I did notice, I haven't "explored" THAT many options.
This comment, left by a stranger, lifted my spirits the night I read it. Pay it Forward is now my mission. Not that I don't try to say nice things to people- but usually these people are my friends. This certain stranger (though I realize I should have known already) opened my eyes from my long blink, that yes..I am a Junior in High School, but my hobbies and talents are still developing- and who knows what I will end up loving?
And who knows, writing (or simply blogging) could be just that.

Friday, May 13, 2011


This past spring, my parents suggested I sit out my Junior Year season of tennis. This broke my heart because I was finally guaranteed the 2nd seed spot! My previous tennis season went so well that I was looking forward to this season all the more. So, I was sidelined in tennis. This approach was encouraged because my parents thought I should look for a job (not that I wasn't already).
I thought I should be able to carry on in tennis until I was administrated a job, but that was not an option to them.
Following the departure of tennis and me, I became very determined to get a job. I started putting in application after application. (I was not going to be separated from tennis for nothing!)
Tennis season is now coming to an end, and I am still without a job. I have in approximately 15 applications, and have only had one call back- which was made while I was on vacation and was not able to go (just my luck!). I am still going strong though! I am not going to give up. Tomorrow I have two more applications to put in. All I have to say is, I think I should have went with my plan at the beginning, because unfortunately, I did miss out on a whole season of tennis for nothing.
But, I am "bound and determined" to get a job!!

Frustrated and Happy

So, a couple of days ago is when I first started my blog, I come back today to see if Blogger was yet working, and YES! Blogger is back in business. I then proceed to check my blog and THAT is when I became rather frustrated! My newly-made blog was GONE! Very frustrated I am!
Now I had to re-type my first entry, and I will not even try to remember the others. But, they will be missed.
R.I.P Old Blog

Now, while Blogger was unavailable my little brother and sister found baby birds with their friends in the neighborhood. I feel pain for the poor baby birds. I do not know what I would do without my "momma." The baby birds are pretty adorable and as a family we have decided on trying to raise the baby birds. I disagree, one bird keeps pecking it's baby beak at the glass. THAT BIRD WANTS OUT! Not that I can blame the baby bird, I would be rather scared in a glass fish tank!

                                 Baby Bird named Twitter :)
                   Twitter, again. I hope the baby bird survives!!

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes.. ♫

I could say I have broken my leg and am unable to participate in any physical activities so I have decided to make a blog. But then I would be lying.
I actually just figured since everything else will be changing in the next year, why not change a hobby, or pick one up--> Blogging.

I am excited for most changes about to occur. I am almost too excited to move out and become more independent, but with the security to know my parents will be there for me if I ever need to come home. I am not excited too drift away from friends, but  am determined to stay close with people I do not want to live my life without.  

      Madison, EmaLea, Kelsey and me -- Best Friends already drifting apart.

For now, I will continue finishing my Junior Year and working on the stress at home -- Junior Year is stressful enough! I am even a little excited to do my own laundry! (But that change does not have to happen tomorrow;)