Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Field Day 2011- Class of 2012!

In the simplest words; Juniors DOMINATE :)
Well, I don't REALLY know if that is true, but I do know that we won in many events. Including volleyball ♥
I guess the only upside of not playing volleyball for the school team is that I was allowed to play at field day. We beat the sophomores and the seniors and the teachers. Even though I touched the ball virtually 10 times, I still had fun. I really miss volleyball a lot. Thankfully I now have a job that keeps my mind off of what I am missing out on.
Which brings me to say, Papa John's is going GREAT! The workers are so laid back and I enjoy making pizza's :) I believe I'm going to like my job even more once I receive my first pay check!! And luckily, I will have money right on time for my wonderful boyfriend's 17th birthday! (I know, he's still a baby ;) I can finally get my boyfriend something for his birthday!!
But, back to field day-- Kelsey and Sarah, two of my very best friends won the water balloon toss! Go girls! Our boys won the 4x1, our volleyball team dominated thanks to Clayton's beast serves, our girl field goal kicker won, our tug-o-war team won, I think, and girls won three-legged race! So all of that equals utter domination!! GO CLASS OF 2012!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Papa John's Pizza!

Pizza is amazing, so hopefully I do not get tired of it as quickly as Burger King!! You can make pizza so many different ways though! It won't have to taste the same way all of the time :)
My first day started off boring, watching videos about the History of Papa John's and "How to Answer the Phone" ..It really is simple, but it is so much like Drive-Thru and that just isn't my thing!! The first phone call I answered was a complete disaster! But as the night past I do think I got better :)
Then, I learned how to make the pizzas! Which is my second favorite thing to do. It's an assembly line and very organized which I like. I really don't like how my hands feel so dirty after wards though.
My favorite part is the simplest task. Getting the pizzas out of the oven, boxing them, cutting them and putting in the extras! I don't know why, but it's just an easy routine that I enjoy doing over and over again!
The people are really laid back, so that is GREAT! I've only worked one day, but I work the next 3 days in a row! Friday AND Saturday included. I'm a bit nervous, but I think it will all work out fine. I am soooo grateful that I FINALLY have a job; and I like it :)

BUT, my allergies are kicking my butt- I wish they would lay off so I can focus on finishing my junior year!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Louisiana Masqurade 2011

Our gym has been under construction for some weeks now. Luckily, it was thrown together (very nicely I might add) before prom! The art classes, and teachers did such an amazing job on the decorations. It was very pretty! I couldn't get a good picture of them though- my camera died as we walked in the door! However, I was able to scram a few more with my friends!
I didn't feel like I was really going to prom or that "it was really happening," until I pulled up to my grandparents house and my grandparents, GREAT-grandparents and more family were there. It meant so much for my family to be able to see my first prom! Especially family that I like to see as much as I can, because I know my time with them is precious!
Everything really came together when my good-looking, very handsome date pulled up! Goodness gracious he was just the cutest thing ever! (Besides the baby I was not allowed to hold that my great-grandma was holding, that was also very adorable! But that is beside the point and irrelevant.) Stephen was perfect!
After plenty of camera flashes and dinner at Xavier's, it was time to dance dance and dance some more!! I love dancing, even if I have to dance numerous times by myself because my boyfriend had to wash the glitter off of his face!
All of the stress leading up to prom is well worth it, and dancing with my friends makes everything better. (I've been told music and dancing makes me a little "weird"- I prefer "crazy"! :D)

Although, at this very minute I am very sleepy, I still had a great night and I was very satisfied with Prom 2011!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Great Announcement! and Prom Preparations

Guess who has a job! This lil' lady right here! :D
While my search for a job seems like it has dragged on and on, I discovered something very important in life...
I have a crazy story, and I love to tell it-- The past 5 months, I have been so worried about getting into work and school (ACT Testing, Finals, and even Prom!..) that my connection with God had been withering! The saddest factor is, I was unaware of this departure. I still went to church and don't get me wrong, I wasn't all the way out of it, but I'm pretty sure I was "going through the motions."
I started to read the book Radical by David Platt, and it was then.. that easy, from just the first page.. that I noticed how much this book was opening my eyes..again. More then ever, right now I want my relationship with God to be as strong as can be! And He wants me too, He is jealous for me! So, Wednesday night at SWAT I realized I haven't even asked God to help me with my search for a job! I had been ignoring all of the help that He could have given me. So, that Wednesday night, I prayed- I prayed for help with a job, but also that my connection with him will become stronger then it ever has and that I never again forget who has the most power and that I can always ask for me. I had an interview at Papa John's the next day.
Call me crazy, but WOW! Is our God amazing, or what?!

Prom is tonight, the stress is going to become overwhelming since my mom and I have had a rough week. I have no nails, make-up and quite frankly, my eyebrows are out of control! tehe:) But I trust everything will get done, and since there is no doubt that my momma loves me, she will help me through all of it:)

Monday, May 16, 2011


I love being able to enjoy a good time with my friends, even if I am in the Bardstown High building!
Today, during 6th and 7th period some of our faculty members interacted in a SUMO Wrestling fight. Our volleyball coach went up against our principal, our boys' basketball coach against a History Teacher (who is also the boyfriend of the Volleyball Coach) and two teachers- I am not sure what either of them teach. It was absolutely hilarious! I video-taped all three of the fights and I'm sure glad I did! Everyone deserves to have a good laugh, and I'm pretty sure when I watch the videos this summer, I will still cry from laughing so hard.
And to add to the excitement - NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!
I will hopefully spend the day preparing for prom, if all works out between my parents and my date:) Prom is Saturday! This week should be full of anticipation!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Humor of Some!!

Okay Okay, I understand, it's hilarious, right? Honestly, I find that this could be very offensive. But, I actually DO think this is quite funny. I just find it a little disrespectful to your own family. But HEY, if they work that way, "more power to 'em!" :)
Stephen and I had just left church and are driving our own way, when suddenly Stephen's eyes get wide and he points. I notice immmediately what he had noticed. I'm glad to see "humor" is still in blood while all of the negative is neighboring!


"beenthere said...
Hi, Just stumbled across your blog today. You write very well, is that an option that you maybe haven't explored?"
I am most fortunate that I posted this as my facebook status after noticing the comment left on my first blog I created that was destroyed by who-knows-what a day later, or else, the comment would be gone forever. But since my new "old" blog was erased, so was the comment. This certain blog post was about my need to find what I am "good at." I listed the sports I played and singing, and after listing I did notice, I haven't "explored" THAT many options.
This comment, left by a stranger, lifted my spirits the night I read it. Pay it Forward is now my mission. Not that I don't try to say nice things to people- but usually these people are my friends. This certain stranger (though I realize I should have known already) opened my eyes from my long blink, that yes..I am a Junior in High School, but my hobbies and talents are still developing- and who knows what I will end up loving?
And who knows, writing (or simply blogging) could be just that.

Friday, May 13, 2011


This past spring, my parents suggested I sit out my Junior Year season of tennis. This broke my heart because I was finally guaranteed the 2nd seed spot! My previous tennis season went so well that I was looking forward to this season all the more. So, I was sidelined in tennis. This approach was encouraged because my parents thought I should look for a job (not that I wasn't already).
I thought I should be able to carry on in tennis until I was administrated a job, but that was not an option to them.
Following the departure of tennis and me, I became very determined to get a job. I started putting in application after application. (I was not going to be separated from tennis for nothing!)
Tennis season is now coming to an end, and I am still without a job. I have in approximately 15 applications, and have only had one call back- which was made while I was on vacation and was not able to go (just my luck!). I am still going strong though! I am not going to give up. Tomorrow I have two more applications to put in. All I have to say is, I think I should have went with my plan at the beginning, because unfortunately, I did miss out on a whole season of tennis for nothing.
But, I am "bound and determined" to get a job!!

Frustrated and Happy

So, a couple of days ago is when I first started my blog, I come back today to see if Blogger was yet working, and YES! Blogger is back in business. I then proceed to check my blog and THAT is when I became rather frustrated! My newly-made blog was GONE! Very frustrated I am!
Now I had to re-type my first entry, and I will not even try to remember the others. But, they will be missed.
R.I.P Old Blog

Now, while Blogger was unavailable my little brother and sister found baby birds with their friends in the neighborhood. I feel pain for the poor baby birds. I do not know what I would do without my "momma." The baby birds are pretty adorable and as a family we have decided on trying to raise the baby birds. I disagree, one bird keeps pecking it's baby beak at the glass. THAT BIRD WANTS OUT! Not that I can blame the baby bird, I would be rather scared in a glass fish tank!

                                 Baby Bird named Twitter :)
                   Twitter, again. I hope the baby bird survives!!

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes.. ♫

I could say I have broken my leg and am unable to participate in any physical activities so I have decided to make a blog. But then I would be lying.
I actually just figured since everything else will be changing in the next year, why not change a hobby, or pick one up--> Blogging.

I am excited for most changes about to occur. I am almost too excited to move out and become more independent, but with the security to know my parents will be there for me if I ever need to come home. I am not excited too drift away from friends, but  am determined to stay close with people I do not want to live my life without.  

      Madison, EmaLea, Kelsey and me -- Best Friends already drifting apart.

For now, I will continue finishing my Junior Year and working on the stress at home -- Junior Year is stressful enough! I am even a little excited to do my own laundry! (But that change does not have to happen tomorrow;)