Sunday, May 15, 2011


"beenthere said...
Hi, Just stumbled across your blog today. You write very well, is that an option that you maybe haven't explored?"
I am most fortunate that I posted this as my facebook status after noticing the comment left on my first blog I created that was destroyed by who-knows-what a day later, or else, the comment would be gone forever. But since my new "old" blog was erased, so was the comment. This certain blog post was about my need to find what I am "good at." I listed the sports I played and singing, and after listing I did notice, I haven't "explored" THAT many options.
This comment, left by a stranger, lifted my spirits the night I read it. Pay it Forward is now my mission. Not that I don't try to say nice things to people- but usually these people are my friends. This certain stranger (though I realize I should have known already) opened my eyes from my long blink, that yes..I am a Junior in High School, but my hobbies and talents are still developing- and who knows what I will end up loving?
And who knows, writing (or simply blogging) could be just that.

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  1. Glad that I could help. Pay it forward is a great attitude to have and will even make all the bad things that others do to you a little easier to take!!