Friday, May 13, 2011

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes.. ♫

I could say I have broken my leg and am unable to participate in any physical activities so I have decided to make a blog. But then I would be lying.
I actually just figured since everything else will be changing in the next year, why not change a hobby, or pick one up--> Blogging.

I am excited for most changes about to occur. I am almost too excited to move out and become more independent, but with the security to know my parents will be there for me if I ever need to come home. I am not excited too drift away from friends, but  am determined to stay close with people I do not want to live my life without.  

      Madison, EmaLea, Kelsey and me -- Best Friends already drifting apart.

For now, I will continue finishing my Junior Year and working on the stress at home -- Junior Year is stressful enough! I am even a little excited to do my own laundry! (But that change does not have to happen tomorrow;)


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