Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Field Day 2011- Class of 2012!

In the simplest words; Juniors DOMINATE :)
Well, I don't REALLY know if that is true, but I do know that we won in many events. Including volleyball ♥
I guess the only upside of not playing volleyball for the school team is that I was allowed to play at field day. We beat the sophomores and the seniors and the teachers. Even though I touched the ball virtually 10 times, I still had fun. I really miss volleyball a lot. Thankfully I now have a job that keeps my mind off of what I am missing out on.
Which brings me to say, Papa John's is going GREAT! The workers are so laid back and I enjoy making pizza's :) I believe I'm going to like my job even more once I receive my first pay check!! And luckily, I will have money right on time for my wonderful boyfriend's 17th birthday! (I know, he's still a baby ;) I can finally get my boyfriend something for his birthday!!
But, back to field day-- Kelsey and Sarah, two of my very best friends won the water balloon toss! Go girls! Our boys won the 4x1, our volleyball team dominated thanks to Clayton's beast serves, our girl field goal kicker won, our tug-o-war team won, I think, and girls won three-legged race! So all of that equals utter domination!! GO CLASS OF 2012!

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