Monday, May 16, 2011


I love being able to enjoy a good time with my friends, even if I am in the Bardstown High building!
Today, during 6th and 7th period some of our faculty members interacted in a SUMO Wrestling fight. Our volleyball coach went up against our principal, our boys' basketball coach against a History Teacher (who is also the boyfriend of the Volleyball Coach) and two teachers- I am not sure what either of them teach. It was absolutely hilarious! I video-taped all three of the fights and I'm sure glad I did! Everyone deserves to have a good laugh, and I'm pretty sure when I watch the videos this summer, I will still cry from laughing so hard.
And to add to the excitement - NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!
I will hopefully spend the day preparing for prom, if all works out between my parents and my date:) Prom is Saturday! This week should be full of anticipation!

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