Sunday, May 22, 2011

Louisiana Masqurade 2011

Our gym has been under construction for some weeks now. Luckily, it was thrown together (very nicely I might add) before prom! The art classes, and teachers did such an amazing job on the decorations. It was very pretty! I couldn't get a good picture of them though- my camera died as we walked in the door! However, I was able to scram a few more with my friends!
I didn't feel like I was really going to prom or that "it was really happening," until I pulled up to my grandparents house and my grandparents, GREAT-grandparents and more family were there. It meant so much for my family to be able to see my first prom! Especially family that I like to see as much as I can, because I know my time with them is precious!
Everything really came together when my good-looking, very handsome date pulled up! Goodness gracious he was just the cutest thing ever! (Besides the baby I was not allowed to hold that my great-grandma was holding, that was also very adorable! But that is beside the point and irrelevant.) Stephen was perfect!
After plenty of camera flashes and dinner at Xavier's, it was time to dance dance and dance some more!! I love dancing, even if I have to dance numerous times by myself because my boyfriend had to wash the glitter off of his face!
All of the stress leading up to prom is well worth it, and dancing with my friends makes everything better. (I've been told music and dancing makes me a little "weird"- I prefer "crazy"! :D)

Although, at this very minute I am very sleepy, I still had a great night and I was very satisfied with Prom 2011!

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