Sunday, June 26, 2011


Well, today is the day I will apply to my first college. I am applying at St. Catherine. Who knew it would start so quick!? I haven't even begun my senior year of High School yet. I'm beginning to feel anxious, but I am very excited.
I have a couple of colleges in mind, but all for different majors.
St. Catherine in Nursing
University of Louisville in Dentistry
University of Kentucky for Nursing or Physical Therapy
Bellarmine University for Dentistry or Nursing
I'm glad I have many options close to home, I'm not really interested in moving to far from Bardstown.
All of the schools besides UK have contacted me, so I suppose that is a sign that it is time to start preparing for college!!
Maybe once I get my license, since I will soon be a legal adult, I will feel it to be more reasonable to start preparing for college.

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