Monday, July 11, 2011

I know this crush ain't goin' away-ay-ay....

Did the title trick you? :) WHO KNEW, I'm in love again!!
JUST KIDDING, but I do love David Archuleta :)
I don't believe it is necessary to tell anyone I have forgotten what it feels like to have a crush.. It's such a great feeling!
Now, I have a very inspirational story..WELL... It isn't inspirational, but it is pretty sweet!
It all started the summer after my fifth grade year. I was lucky enough (after pleading for months and months) to spend the week at Conservation Camp. While there that week I met a little punk named Austin.. He told me the chlorine water would really bother my eyes. Needless to say we hit it off (for "middle-schoolers";) and for the rest of that week Austin was my boyfriend. The months after camp I don't recall keeping in touch at all. Well years later Kelsey, my best friend, met a guy from Lebanon named Josh...small world ya know cause Josh and Austin were best friends! Josh and Kelsey were boyfriend and girlfriend in middle school...too cute, right? :) (I miss those days quite often) After they broke up and a few more years later Kelsey and Austin could practically announce their engagement! and Josh and Whitney are now out of the picture!!! :p

just kidding again :) He's such a great guy! ♥
So just in case you are is how the story goes..
Whitney + Austin
Kelsey + Josh
Austin + Kelsey
Josh + Whitney.....well this one is not settled.... but hey, who knows what the future has in store...for anyone really... :)
All I know is the tables have TURNED!

This ONE goes out to the ONES I love ♥

Gosh, this last month has been so terrible and amazing! I don't know what I am going to do with myself!! I have re-opened my eyes to what is truly important in my life! (Not saying Stephen wasn't, nor isn't important...but if you don't care about me's hard to believe you did at all...but I don't want to talk about him) :)
My dad and I went to the bank and made me an account. That was an adventure in itself. The "banker lady" called us a young couple and I, in the middle of the quiet bank, could not retain myself from bursting into laughter! I quickly corrected her, I told her... "This is my DADDY!" I love my daddy!
I am growing closer to my best friend since forever, and I love the feeling! We have truly grown up together and we are truly like sisters... She gets on my nerves and I still want to stay the night with her!!
Friends are going to be there for you, and I reunited with two great friends this past week and I am sooo happy I did, I feel like this is going to be the re-start to a great friendship..
I love being able to hang out with who I want without having to worry about someone getting upset. I love all of my friends!
This is the big one.....God, My Savior. I am so sorry I gave you the cold shoulder when I needed you the most. I knew so much better then to turn away from you when in reality you were the only one who could regenerate me from a hard time.