Monday, July 11, 2011

I know this crush ain't goin' away-ay-ay....

Did the title trick you? :) WHO KNEW, I'm in love again!!
JUST KIDDING, but I do love David Archuleta :)
I don't believe it is necessary to tell anyone I have forgotten what it feels like to have a crush.. It's such a great feeling!
Now, I have a very inspirational story..WELL... It isn't inspirational, but it is pretty sweet!
It all started the summer after my fifth grade year. I was lucky enough (after pleading for months and months) to spend the week at Conservation Camp. While there that week I met a little punk named Austin.. He told me the chlorine water would really bother my eyes. Needless to say we hit it off (for "middle-schoolers";) and for the rest of that week Austin was my boyfriend. The months after camp I don't recall keeping in touch at all. Well years later Kelsey, my best friend, met a guy from Lebanon named Josh...small world ya know cause Josh and Austin were best friends! Josh and Kelsey were boyfriend and girlfriend in middle school...too cute, right? :) (I miss those days quite often) After they broke up and a few more years later Kelsey and Austin could practically announce their engagement! and Josh and Whitney are now out of the picture!!! :p

just kidding again :) He's such a great guy! ♥
So just in case you are is how the story goes..
Whitney + Austin
Kelsey + Josh
Austin + Kelsey
Josh + Whitney.....well this one is not settled.... but hey, who knows what the future has in store...for anyone really... :)
All I know is the tables have TURNED!

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