Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ender's Game

Reading for Fun, like a hobby VS Reading for School
It may just be the stubborn side of me, but if a teacher assigns me a book to read, I will not usually enjoy it. I would much rather read a book I, myself, have chosen. Am I the only one?
This year in my English Class we have been assigned the book Ender's Game. WHAT A GREAT BOOK! I am so glad I am naturally a good student and force myself to read what I don't want, because I have found great love for this book.
Have you ever read a book and the whole time you are reading, you have a movie playing in your mind? Or do I just sound like a huge nerd....
I will most likely re-re-read(funny, right?) this book many times. It is great and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves reading(: .....even if you don't love reading!!

Now a funny story too go along....
I was reading Ender's Game one night and my sister ask, "Whitney, are YOU reading Star Wars?!"
It was TOO funny!

The Start of Something New...

Well Senior year has officially started. I thought I would be more excited to be a year closer to moving out...but I'm not. Most of my friends want to go to college in Lexington, or Springfield.... The opposite direction of where I want to go.. Louisville.. I guess I will make more friends though, because Dentistry is still my number one major goal!

My parents are separating.. It's about time honestly.. My momma left for a couple days and life has been much more peaceful without the constant fighting and bickering. I am not happy that they are going to get a divorce, but I am not sad either. I think it is the best decision. The constant fighting around my brother, sister and me is not healthy!

As for boys, (since ya know.... I am a single bachorlorette... ;) I have considered going gay...
HAHA I'm just kidding! But guys are so far down on my "Care List" and it feels great! Except when I hate to find a date for Winter Formal.... AHH!