Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Start of Something New...

Well Senior year has officially started. I thought I would be more excited to be a year closer to moving out...but I'm not. Most of my friends want to go to college in Lexington, or Springfield.... The opposite direction of where I want to go.. Louisville.. I guess I will make more friends though, because Dentistry is still my number one major goal!

My parents are separating.. It's about time honestly.. My momma left for a couple days and life has been much more peaceful without the constant fighting and bickering. I am not happy that they are going to get a divorce, but I am not sad either. I think it is the best decision. The constant fighting around my brother, sister and me is not healthy!

As for boys, (since ya know.... I am a single bachorlorette... ;) I have considered going gay...
HAHA I'm just kidding! But guys are so far down on my "Care List" and it feels great! Except when I hate to find a date for Winter Formal.... AHH!

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