Saturday, September 10, 2011

Murray State....maybe?

I will never understand myself.. I am a very confusing individual.
I have always told myself I do not want to go far away for college... Even though I never want to be home because of the usual constant fighting, I want to be close to my family. This does not make sense to me... Why wouldn't you want to move far away from a place you never want to be?
Recently, I have come close with an old friend that wants to go to Murray State. Murray State is approximately four hours from Bardstown. That for me is TOO far!
Our senior class took a "field trip" to a college fair this past Thursday. My top college is Louisville, but I went to many other college representatives as well. One of these colleges was Murray State....and what did Whitney find out..... Murray State is almost as perfect as Louisville is except $5,000 cheaper! The only flaw is that, like I said, the distance.
My mom thinks it would be a good idea to "try out" living on my own for a year....I just don't know. I'm starting to consider the idea, and the other options I have. I'll be happy when college searching is OVER!

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  1. I moved 2000 miles for school. Thats a little far! But it was the best choice ever! and if you don't like it after a year or a semester you can always transfer! Thats the best part. Leaving the nest is a great thing!