Saturday, September 17, 2011


When I had a call-back for an interview for my first job I was ecstatic. I could finally start saving for a car. Unfortunately, I chose volleyball over working at Burger King and it turned around to bite me in the butt because the coach kicked me off anyways.
Papa John's was my second chance to save my money to buy my own car! And by now, I should probably have my own car that I bought with my own money, that I myself have worked for! That is if I didn't lend my dad money...that I will probably never see again...and not to mention the money that mysteriously disappeared.
I need a car desperately and doubt that I will have enough money to get one anytime soon.
How can a minor stop her own father from her money that she has worked for!?


  1. open our own bank account...and don't give him the info

  2. I had to have an adult on the account with me since I'm not 18 yet... :p