Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bardstown is "Da Bomb.."

The day was stammering along like any normal high school day... until 12 o' clock. My fourth period class is Premiere Advanced Chorus- the Chorus Room is in the middle school.... (If you know anything about Bardstown School System's campus, you know that the Elementary, Middle and High school are all very close.) So, as we are proceeding along with class the high school principal walks in and tells the class to "stay put" after the bell and they will release later on. We automatically new something fishy was going on... and not good fish either.. Not too long after that we discovered the whole high school had evacuated into the middle school gym! Something was definitely going on..
News travels fast in a small town....... Even though we were "locked" in the chorus room, the smart students we are(technology helped too;) soon discovered there had been a bomb threat!
First, I would like to state....... the middle and elementary school are literally 20 feet away from the high school..... I don't think the students were moved far enough if there had been a bomb...but hey... What do I know?
*big sigh*

So, while our class of approximately 30 students were confined to our chorus room...after lunch hours I might add.... we were becoming quite cranky and bored. So....some intelligent senior girl (:)) requested the idea that the teacher pull down the projector and allow the class to play "Just Dance" on Youtube. I must say, it was a good idea! It was fun and kept us entertained whether we were watching people dancing or dancing ourselves!
Yes, our teacher is amazing and joined us in a couple dances!

After all was said and done, there was no bomb found..We are lucky nothing too awful happened and that we were able to make the bad situation and make it into something enjoyable!

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