Sunday, October 9, 2011


On December 9, 2009 I was fortunate enough to get braces on for my 16th birthday!
On September 29, 2011 the braces that formed my new smile were removed.
For the first year and a half I had my braces, I was nothing but excited to finally get them off. But the last month before I got my braces taken off, I was so nervous. I actually started having nightmares about my teeth going back to before I had my braces..Yeah, I know, lame, right? The night before I got my braces off, my friends assured me that everything would be fine and I should be excited. But I was not excited. Not until the very minute I walked into my orthodontist office was I excited.The receptionists asked me if I was ready and by the ladies saying, "Look, she already can't stop smiling..." "She's always smilin'.." I assume I looked excited, regardless of my fear. (By smiling all the time, I can easily cover any negative emotion;)
After the receptionist giggled and talked, I did become a little excited, and soon enough I was called back to get my braces off!
I walked out of the orthodontist with a straight smile I NEVER imagined I would have. I am beyond thankful for the smile my grandparents paid for. Call me coincided if you must, but my smile is the one thing I am most proud of, and I am no longer at all ashamed to wear my smile all of the time!

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