Thursday, October 6, 2011

Date Night.... with MY BEST FRIEND

So, this has not been my week AT ALL. I have spent over $100 on a "cheap" pre-paid phone, I still have not been paid back any of my money, and I miss my friends..
But tonight, my best friend Kelsey and I went out to dinner at Chili's.. I was SO excited to finally eat corn on the cob since my braces have came off..The first time in 2 years! It was delicious. During our dinner conversation I mentioned "The World's Best Lollipops." If you have not tried one of these things, YOU HAVE TO. I am snacking on one right now as I blog. We decided to make the trip across the street to Wal-Mart to buy 10 suckers! I swear, we looked like we were 5 picking out our favorite flavors.
After checking out, we were making our way back to the car when Kelsey noticed that inside of a claw machine there were Angry Birds. (Angry Birds is my new obsession, and she knew I would want one) Kelsey is a claw machine master, so I proceeded to ask her to win me an Angry Bird for a special friend of mine!
(Which is a little awkward, but that is a whole different blog post;)
My special friend is the one who introduced me to Angry Birds and I thought it would be a sweet gift. She scrapped up a dollar in quarters and I had 50cents. After she failed the three attempts she had, I reached into my pocket to find 50more cents! I was ecstatic! But not quite as ecstatic as when the claw picked up the bird!!!! dropped it...
I was determined to get this BIRD! So I pulled out another dollar..... still, no bird.
We probably looked like two crazy angry birds jumping and screaming at that machine!
I knew a friend was cashier-ing at the time so I ran to him to ask for a dollar....he gave us two!
So we knew, these were the last couple chances...
Soon, we were down to our last 50cents..... we noticed another angry bird very close to the winning she made the spur decision to go for that bird on the last try. GUESS WHAT!!!


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