Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For The Halloween Season

There was an average working girl working late one night at Papa John's. She was cleaning, a nightly routine to stock the cart with sauces and peppers. After placing the items on the cart, the average working girl wandered to the back of the store to break down some boxes. When returning to the front of the store the average working girl noticed that the container of cinnamon was taken off of the cart and placed on the counter. Curious, she checked if "Cinnie-Sticks" were ordered, and as she assumed there was not an order. The average working girl brushed the happening off, nervously concluding that she had forgotten to put the cinnamon on the cart.
A few days later, the average working girl was cheesing pizzas. She was running a little low on cheese so she proceeded to the "walk-in" to gather a new box of cheese. After the average working girl put the new cheese in the make-line container she tossed the box to the back of the store. The average working girl was not prepared for what was about to happen next. Before she knew it, the empty box was launched back at her!! After quickly placing the next pizza in the oven, the average working girl briskly walked to the back of the store, expecting to see a co-worker walking away from the scene. But, no one was around. The average working girl proceeded to ask co-workers if they thought they were funny....none seemed to know what the average working girl was referring too.

Moral of the story.... Papa John's is haunted.

hahahah! I'm just kidding, a fellow driver admitted about half an hour later to playing the funny trick on me. He came up to me, the average working girl, and asked, "What do you think about that box flying back atcha?"
Good one! It was a nice little prank....
Although I still do not have an explanation for the cinnamon.

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