Tuesday, October 4, 2011

let's give them something to talk about...

There is no doubt about it that I love love love to blog. But for the last month or two, I feel as if there is NOTHING to blog about. I suppose that makes my life boring and I can stop right now..

hahah...Yeah right. I could just ramble on about silly stuff that has happened..but I don't even think any of that stuff is interesting enough to blog about.. My oh my, I am boring..
hmm..There must be SOMETHING...
think think think..
Ah ha!
Well, I've come close with someone{:)} and he has introduced me to Angry Birds. I know I am quite a few months behind, but the game is indeed very addicting. My iPod told me that I have been playing for five hours and I was in shock.

That wasn't very interesting either...ha..
Oh well, I am very content right now....even if my life may seem a bit boring.. (:

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