Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I've known him less than a month. So this could be something amazing, or really bad.. And I am taking the chance. I believe I may have found something perfect for me.

Working at Papa John's is never boring. Especially when this cute guy walks in..
About a month or so ago....... I just found out by my manager (and one of my best friends, Alana) that we would be getting Pepsi products at the beginning of the year. I was not happy. There was a cute guy at the counter, a regular customer that I had never talked to, I proceeded to ask him if he liked Pepsi or Coke products better. He said he liked Pepsi better. BOO. At least he was super cute:)
The next time he came in we smiled at each other and kinda giggled but didn't say anything.
He came in a couple times after that.
About two weeks ago "Pepsi Guy" walked in and I was told by coworkers that he was leaning over the counter to look at me.
Now for the totally creepy part....
I knew his last name was Luckett because he orders pizza and we have to take their last name... I also discovered his first name was Tyler because on a previous visit he had been wearing his name-tag. So, I made a bold move and looked him up on Facebook. (Stalker? lol)
Actually, my manager/best friend Alana did first, then later on that night I looked him up. I sent him a message, but I did not add him. The message said "I know this is totally But I'm really impatient and didn't want to wait for you to come get a pizza again before I get to tell you we are getting Pepsi in January.. (:" I sent that message Monday night. I was at Taco Bell with some friends on Wednesday night when I got a notification from Facebook on my phone. "Tyler Luckett wants to be your friend." Oh my goodness I was SO excited! I left Taco Bell that instant just so I could go home and hopefully talk to him on Facebook. (Lame-o? lol) That night I was lucky enough to get his number. I couldn't believe it. This guy that ordered pizza that I had a major crush on without knowing anything about him actually was interested back......
This is all very very creepy, I know..But
Tyler and me went on our first date Thursday night and our second Friday and our third the point? :) ♥
it is a love story, without a doubt.