Thursday, January 19, 2012

For Tyler

Today I was asked why I wanted to be with you.... and I answered. But you deserve a better one... and I know that. It is very embarrassing to stutter when trying to answer such an important, serious question.

It's very true that I feel extremely selfish when I answer, "I want to be with you because you make me happy.." But it's really so much more than that. I love seeing you smile.. you smile is something I look forward to every morning when I wake up. I anticipate 3:15 Monday-Friday (well, most days;) just to see you smile. You know, I LOVE to see people smile (I wanna make teeth pretty!) but you're smile is incredibly precious to me. Because, usually when someone is smiling, they are happy.I love the thought that I put your smile on your face because you are happy when we are together.
I want to be with you because I trust you. And I'm sure 98% of people would say I trust you too much- but like we care what people think...psshh!;) I've told you, I don't want to depend on anyone when I am older. I want to be able to take care of myself. I've seen too much failing living with someone very dependent.. But, there is no one else in the world I would rather depend on. And though I'm not going to, I know if I needed to, I could depend on you. I know you will there for me.
I want to be with you because you believe in me. I am very ambitious, but you have given me that little nudge to believe that if I want to go to Louisville, I will. You seem to have a lot of faith in me.
I think the biggest reason I want to be with you is also the most selfish reason..
I want to be with you because you are EXACTLY what I want. You are EXACTLY who I imagine spending my time with. I don't think you are understanding yet.... EXACTLY!!!!! I am not at all exaggerating this..
From top to bottom. You are exactly who I want to be with..