Sunday, July 15, 2012

you ARE MY perfect

Perfect really should not be used as often as it is. Perfect is a very strong adjective. Perfect means flawless.. and how many things are truly flawless?
About a year or so ago I made a list of what I wanted my future husband to be. (So 8th grade, right?) Actually, it was a lot of fun. It was even more fun, and very surprising, when I found my list in human form. Six foot, two years older than I, facial hair... LOL I was absolutely amazed. I was even more surprised when I found not only all my "wanted" physical features, but everything inside that mattered as well.. All in the same person!! I was absolutely astonished! I believed myself to be the luckiest girl in the world!
.....and I was. I had everything I wanted in my arms when I fell asleep and snoring right there next to me when I woke up.
Everything he did was perfect. Kiss, giggle, watch TV, be my card partner, listen to me, be there for me, walk in Wal-Mart, dress, make me feel like I was the best thing to happen to him..
I have no wonders why he became my best friend. We clicked so well... He was everything I wanted. I had the list to prove it.
And I still have the list, and I still want him..way more than I did before I knew my list came in human.
He is my perfect.

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